15 New Minimalist Responsive Frameworks

Here are some frameworks that give you a solid foundation when creating websites and aren’t packed full with features.


Girder CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Girder is a minimalistic grid toolkit that builds flexible layouts divided into logical sections. Its built with Sass. It can scale based on your project’s needs as it includes support for complex media queries using the Breakpoint() compass plugin.


Cardinal CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Cardinal is a small mobile first CSS framework with its focus primarily on responsive web applications. The purpose of Cardinal is to ‘make it easier to rapidly prototype, build, scale, and maintain CSS’ for responsive web apps. It does omits many aesthetic design decisions that will often drag down larger, more complicated CSS frameworks, leaving the design to you.


Typeplate typography CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Typeplate is a typographic starter kit that doesn’t make aesthetic design choices, but defines proper markup with extensible styling for common typographic patterns.


Gridism CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Gridism is a simple CSS grid that comes with in-built patterns for responsive design.


Furatto CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

The flat styled Furatto is a front-end framework for rapid web development based on other frameworks, such as Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation…, as a start point.


PocketGrid CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

PocketGrid is a lightweight (0.5kB) pure CSS responsive grid system that allows for an unlimited number of columns and breakpoints. Instead of creating grids with rows and columns, PocketGrid has a more flexible system with blocks and block groups. Block groups are similar to rows, and blocks are similar to columns, allowing for more flexibility than traditional grids.


Fitgrid CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Designed for rapid prototyping (but also runs well in production environments), .Fitgrd is a solid foundation for designers that don’t want to have their pages look like they are “bootstraped”. The grid is divided into twelve columns with percentual widths, with each column having a two percent margin on both sides.


Kraken CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Kraken is a lightweight, mobile-first boilerplate that includes just the essentials: A CSS reset to ensure cross-browser compatibility; A responsive, mobile-first grid; A well-designed, fluid typographic scale; CSS3 buttons; Basic form styling; Optional add-ons for more functionality.


Markup CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Markup is a simple collection of layouts, widgets, UI styles and other components that you can make use of in your projects in order to code rapidly and efficiently.


Topcoat CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Topcoat is a fully themable and open source CSS framework to help you work with and create web apps with ease.


Cascade CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Cascade Framework operates by splitting your CSS into seperate files based on features rather than selectors and by implementing a modifier design pattern inspired by SMACCS and OOCSS.


Responsable CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Responsable is a responsive grid system based on Semantic.gs and powered by LESS.


Ratchet CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Ratchet lets you prototype mobile apps using simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript components.


Clank CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Clank is an open source prototyping framework that helps you work with mobile apps.

Responsive Web CSS

Web CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Responsive Web CSS helps you layout your web pages within minutes. You can specify target devices and resolutions for responsiveness, and then easily download the site skeleton.


A7 Assignment for a Counter Ad


My ad is intended for the target age group of people in need of money. Mainly college students, recent graduates, and maybe the established business professional. I truly believe in not using credit cards because theyre nothing but trouble. If youre not responsible, lack judgement, and are even impulusive before you know it credit card bills can rob you for everything you worked hard to get. Thats where I got the concept for the ad. Credit is not cash and yes you dont have to pay it back right away, but soon enough you’ll have to pay that credit off with cash anyway.

Blogging Between The Lines : Dana Hull

The main question posed in Dana Hull’s article Blogging Between The Lines was where does journalism differ from blogging? There were many answers given from many newsrooms across the United States but there was no clear best answer, but there were some clear rules to follow.

Here are some rules in no particular order; 1. To stay away from blogging about topics such as religion, politics, and the middle eastern. And, 2 You cannot write blogs for a newspaper anonymous, you must be held accountable for the things you write.

There are also a clear difference in the tone of writing when it comes to journalism and blogging. Blogging is more opinionated, and in your face opposed to journalism and reporting which is more objective.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to blogging for newspapers. Heck, most people may not even now their local newspaper even has a blog. Blogs are meant to be different from the standard form of journalism, they’re meant to tell the truth about things without holding back. The only thing that’s for certain is to make sure you have clear guidelines and objectives for writing blog post in the news room.

Why Flipboard Is The Next Hot Social Network To Watch | Forbes agree

Here’s a short excerpt from the Forbes website on why they believe Flipboard is the next how social network to watch. Flipboard has developed an ecosystem that allows for easy discovery and interaction around content, no matter how obscure or niche it is. A popular user-created magazine right now is devoted to 20th century modern architecture and design. Another is focused entirely on grilled cheese sandwiches, and still another is devoted to pre-1998 Porsches. Flipboard has given these niche interests a platform to flourish on. According to a company release, Flipboard now sees its 53 million users flipping through upwards of 6 billion pages per month. Since its update to 2.0, users have created more than 500,000 magazines. Click here to read the full article.





The Good, Bad, and Ugly Reviews

“Easily one of the best interfaced feed app out there !!! Needs some work on the widget, like the flipping feature, but marvelous otherwise.” -Dr Tashique Alam

“I LOVE THIS APP!!!! I can have all of my social networks right here! LOVE IT!! Instagram… Facebook… Twitter… Tumblr… Love it all right there. And it has a widget! I would so rate this app 1000% LOL(: Have a nice day on Flipboard(: .” -A Google User

“Very useful app for YouTube, tumblr, facebook, google+, interactive, cool, love sound reproducing capability 🙂 Disadvantage: uses lot of internal memory 😦 and often won’t refresh content and enter single post view. Developer still did not fixed this in last few updates, which is why i dont use it anymore.” -Vladimir Radaković

“Do not install this app. It sucks your batteries juice dry. It runs in the background all the time. When you try to uninstall it it never remove itself from your phone and continues to run. It messed my Samsung Galaxy 3 up.” -Andrea Meyer

“Have been using flipboard since it started and just love having all my social, blog and websites in one easy to read place. Would like if the android version could open external pages within flipboard like it does on iOS, rather than switching in and out of the app.” -Artur Rzasa

To be fair these ratings was pulled from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=flipboard.app. The average Flipboard raiting is 4.5!! Of course because its an awesome app.