Is blogging as easy as it seems?

When you browse the web and you read various things you come across, one thing seems to come to mind. “Oh, I can do that too. It’s easy.”  Well what I’ve learned so far regarding my blogging experience is that I am no pro, and its not as easy as it may seem. Finding something to talk about that people actually care to know or writing about a less popular topic in a way that makes people interested is a talent in its self! Blogs are good for expressing yourself freely in whatever manner you choose. It could be for business, school assignments, personal interest, or for the purpose of teaching. One thing i’d recommend when it comes to blogging is if you don’t know much about the topic you choose to write about do your research to remain creditable.


5 Tips To Simplify Your Web Design

  1. Put the focus only on the essential elements
  2. Get rid of all unnecessary elements
  3. Reduce the number of pages
  4. Get more content above the fold
  5. Limit your color palette

Top 8 must see websites for creative people

  1.  Cool Hunting

    Founded in 2003, Cool Hunting has grown from one designer’s personal reference into an award-winning publication. Composed of a global team of editors and contributors who highlights creativity and innovation in technology, design, travel, food, and culture, Cool Hunting provides daily updates and mini-documentaries that attract creative people internationally.

  2. I Love Typography

    Often taken for granted by designers, a good typography is vital in creating the best quality designs and artworks. I Love Typography has the prettiest and most unique type design, lettering, and fonts, from road signs and shampoo bottles to billboards and posters

  3. Fuel Your Creativity

    A great website to spark your creativity and generate awesome ideas, Fuel Your Creativity is a brilliant design blog that has inspiring articles and links to various design websites.

  4. Design is Kinky

    Design is Kinky brings design and art goodness from Sydney, Australia since 1998. A blog that features new designs, photos, and artworks from all over the world, this site has been inspiring many artists for years.

  5. We Love Illustration

    Another good resource for inspiration and motivation, We Love Illustration is a real haven for art and illustration lovers to find inspiration and share their works. This is a place that showcases the amazing talents of different artists from all over the world.

  6. Inspired Mark

    This is the personal website that features a range of scribbles, outstanding illustrations, and awesome designs by web architect Mark Collins.

  7. Design is Kinky

    Design is Kinky brings design and art goodness from Sydney, Australia since 1998. A blog that features new designs, photos, and artworks from all over the world, this site has been inspiring many artists for years.

  8. Web Designer Wall

    Toronto-based web designer, Nick La started this website in August 2007 as his personal wall of design ideas, trends, and tutorials. It has quality content and eye-catching design that makes it a must-see website for designers.

Photography blogs to check out

Friday Night Lights – David Hobby, Strobist

The 40+ Items Every Photography Assistant Needs Now – Lauren Margolis, The PhotoShelter Blog

Excuses, Excuses (series) – Carolyn E. Wright, Photo Attorney

How to Increase the Performance of Your Canon Kit Lens – Nicolaj Ma, PetaPixel

This Photograph Is Not Free –  John Mueller, PetaPixel

10 Tips to Help Photographers Break Into Advertising – Jennifer Kilberg, FluidVision, via Agency Access’ The Lab

8 Must-Haves for Your Next Professional Contract – Heather Elder, via Agency Access’ The Lab

Which Light Modifier Do I Choose? – Travis Lawton, The Phoblographer

15 New Minimalist Responsive Frameworks

Here are some frameworks that give you a solid foundation when creating websites and aren’t packed full with features.


Girder CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Girder is a minimalistic grid toolkit that builds flexible layouts divided into logical sections. Its built with Sass. It can scale based on your project’s needs as it includes support for complex media queries using the Breakpoint() compass plugin.


Cardinal CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Cardinal is a small mobile first CSS framework with its focus primarily on responsive web applications. The purpose of Cardinal is to ‘make it easier to rapidly prototype, build, scale, and maintain CSS’ for responsive web apps. It does omits many aesthetic design decisions that will often drag down larger, more complicated CSS frameworks, leaving the design to you.


Typeplate typography CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Typeplate is a typographic starter kit that doesn’t make aesthetic design choices, but defines proper markup with extensible styling for common typographic patterns.


Gridism CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Gridism is a simple CSS grid that comes with in-built patterns for responsive design.


Furatto CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

The flat styled Furatto is a front-end framework for rapid web development based on other frameworks, such as Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation…, as a start point.


PocketGrid CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

PocketGrid is a lightweight (0.5kB) pure CSS responsive grid system that allows for an unlimited number of columns and breakpoints. Instead of creating grids with rows and columns, PocketGrid has a more flexible system with blocks and block groups. Block groups are similar to rows, and blocks are similar to columns, allowing for more flexibility than traditional grids.


Fitgrid CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Designed for rapid prototyping (but also runs well in production environments), .Fitgrd is a solid foundation for designers that don’t want to have their pages look like they are “bootstraped”. The grid is divided into twelve columns with percentual widths, with each column having a two percent margin on both sides.


Kraken CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Kraken is a lightweight, mobile-first boilerplate that includes just the essentials: A CSS reset to ensure cross-browser compatibility; A responsive, mobile-first grid; A well-designed, fluid typographic scale; CSS3 buttons; Basic form styling; Optional add-ons for more functionality.


Markup CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Markup is a simple collection of layouts, widgets, UI styles and other components that you can make use of in your projects in order to code rapidly and efficiently.


Topcoat CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Topcoat is a fully themable and open source CSS framework to help you work with and create web apps with ease.


Cascade CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Cascade Framework operates by splitting your CSS into seperate files based on features rather than selectors and by implementing a modifier design pattern inspired by SMACCS and OOCSS.


Responsable CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Responsable is a responsive grid system based on and powered by LESS.


Ratchet CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Ratchet lets you prototype mobile apps using simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript components.


Clank CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Clank is an open source prototyping framework that helps you work with mobile apps.

Responsive Web CSS

Web CSS framework grid responsive UI kit

Responsive Web CSS helps you layout your web pages within minutes. You can specify target devices and resolutions for responsiveness, and then easily download the site skeleton.

A7 Assignment for a Counter Ad


My ad is intended for the target age group of people in need of money. Mainly college students, recent graduates, and maybe the established business professional. I truly believe in not using credit cards because theyre nothing but trouble. If youre not responsible, lack judgement, and are even impulusive before you know it credit card bills can rob you for everything you worked hard to get. Thats where I got the concept for the ad. Credit is not cash and yes you dont have to pay it back right away, but soon enough you’ll have to pay that credit off with cash anyway.