Why Flipboard Is The Next Hot Social Network To Watch | Forbes agree

Here’s a short excerpt from the Forbes website on why they believe Flipboard is the next how social network to watch. Flipboard has developed an ecosystem that allows for easy discovery and interaction around content, no matter how obscure or niche it is. A popular user-created magazine right now is devoted to 20th century modern architecture and design. Another is focused entirely on grilled cheese sandwiches, and still another is devoted to pre-1998 Porsches. Flipboard has given these niche interests a platform to flourish on. According to a company release, Flipboard now sees its 53 million users flipping through upwards of 6 billion pages per month. Since its update to 2.0, users have created more than 500,000 magazines. Click here to read the full article.






The Good, Bad, and Ugly Reviews

“Easily one of the best interfaced feed app out there !!! Needs some work on the widget, like the flipping feature, but marvelous otherwise.” -Dr Tashique Alam

“I LOVE THIS APP!!!! I can have all of my social networks right here! LOVE IT!! Instagram… Facebook… Twitter… Tumblr… Love it all right there. And it has a widget! I would so rate this app 1000% LOL(: Have a nice day on Flipboard(: .” -A Google User

“Very useful app for YouTube, tumblr, facebook, google+, interactive, cool, love sound reproducing capability 🙂 Disadvantage: uses lot of internal memory 😦 and often won’t refresh content and enter single post view. Developer still did not fixed this in last few updates, which is why i dont use it anymore.” -Vladimir Radaković

“Do not install this app. It sucks your batteries juice dry. It runs in the background all the time. When you try to uninstall it it never remove itself from your phone and continues to run. It messed my Samsung Galaxy 3 up.” -Andrea Meyer

“Have been using flipboard since it started and just love having all my social, blog and websites in one easy to read place. Would like if the android version could open external pages within flipboard like it does on iOS, rather than switching in and out of the app.” -Artur Rzasa

To be fair these ratings was pulled from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=flipboard.app. The average Flipboard raiting is 4.5!! Of course because its an awesome app.

Resources for Flipboard, & Competitor Information

To view where I gathered my data from are my resources.

Mossberg Reviews Flipboard 2.0

Mossberg Reviews Flipboard 2.0 <—- Click to view video

Flipboard has allowed smart phone and tablet users to aggregate digital content for a while, but it now allows you to publish your own digital magazines without any design skills. Walt Mossberg takes a look at version 2.0. (Photo: Flipboard, Inc.)  Now with Flipboard 2.0, you can save and collect the things you love into your own magazines like “Trips I want to take” or “Dream Homes.” Flipboard has partnered with Esty for their new 2.o platform. Also when you search, they instantly create a magazine out of your results. It’s faster, more visual, and easier to navigate. You can also collect and save articles, photos, audio and video by organizing them into your own magazines. You are also able to keep your magazines private or share them with like minded people.

Flipboard vs Zite


Zite has the simpler interface than Flipboard which lets you really concentrate on reading. However it’s not as fancy or fun to read with like Flipboard! If you’re just into reading and about the content with no distraction then Zite might be for you. Zite is like Flipboard as well when it comes to bringing news you’re interested in to the palm of your hand, but Zite takes it one step further. Zite makes your reading more personal over time by learning about your personal preferences and brings more of the stories you like to read. It’s the Pandora of news apps.

How Flipboard is the best app ever & Why marketers should use it

Flipboard is unique because it’s an app that allows you to create your own personalized magazine in the palm of your hands. No need for paper or subscriptions to magazines of your interest. Flipboard brings you the most relevant content in news for each category regardless of content subject. It also updates in real time so you are delivered the news as its happening. Marketers should jump at the chance to advertise on Flipboard because with over 20 million users it’s the best way to advertise to customers who may be interested in a product or service being sold, and the opportunity to gain new customers. It would be a great opportunity missed if a marketer didn’t try.

Flip What? Flip Who? Flipboard of course, the best news app for the iPad!

Tired of carrying all your favorite magazines, and newspapers around? I know it can be heartbreaking to leave them behind, but don’t worry I have good news. What’s the good news you said? Well there’s this awesome news app that you should check out. What is it? Flipboard! Oh you’ve never heard of it? Well it’s this amazing app that lets you choose the content that matters most to you. What it does is takes your most cherished content and turn it into your own personalized magazine that updates in real time. So you get the news that matters most to you as its happening. Check out their website if you’d like more information www.Flipbaord.com. I’m sure you’ll be blown away!