Blogging Between The Lines : Dana Hull

The main question posed in Dana Hull’s article Blogging Between The Lines was where does journalism differ from blogging? There were many answers given from many newsrooms across the United States but there was no clear best answer, but there were some clear rules to follow.

Here are some rules in no particular order; 1. To stay away from blogging about topics such as religion, politics, and the middle eastern. And, 2 You cannot write blogs for a newspaper anonymous, you must be held accountable for the things you write.

There are also a clear difference in the tone of writing when it comes to journalism and blogging. Blogging is more opinionated, and in your face opposed to journalism and reporting which is more objective.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to blogging for newspapers. Heck, most people may not even now their local newspaper even has a blog. Blogs are meant to be different from the standard form of journalism, they’re meant to tell the truth about things without holding back. The only thing that’s for certain is to make sure you have clear guidelines and objectives for writing blog post in the news room.


One thought on “Blogging Between The Lines : Dana Hull

  1. Yes, blogging is much more relaxed and about personal expression.

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