The Good, Bad, and Ugly Reviews

“Easily one of the best interfaced feed app out there !!! Needs some work on the widget, like the flipping feature, but marvelous otherwise.” -Dr Tashique Alam

“I LOVE THIS APP!!!! I can have all of my social networks right here! LOVE IT!! Instagram… Facebook… Twitter… Tumblr… Love it all right there. And it has a widget! I would so rate this app 1000% LOL(: Have a nice day on Flipboard(: .” -A Google User

“Very useful app for YouTube, tumblr, facebook, google+, interactive, cool, love sound reproducing capability 🙂 Disadvantage: uses lot of internal memory 😦 and often won’t refresh content and enter single post view. Developer still did not fixed this in last few updates, which is why i dont use it anymore.” -Vladimir Radaković

“Do not install this app. It sucks your batteries juice dry. It runs in the background all the time. When you try to uninstall it it never remove itself from your phone and continues to run. It messed my Samsung Galaxy 3 up.” -Andrea Meyer

“Have been using flipboard since it started and just love having all my social, blog and websites in one easy to read place. Would like if the android version could open external pages within flipboard like it does on iOS, rather than switching in and out of the app.” -Artur Rzasa

To be fair these ratings was pulled from The average Flipboard raiting is 4.5!! Of course because its an awesome app.


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