4 Reasons to download Flipboard NOW!

  1. Twitter Feed– With Flipboard you are able to subscribe to your own twitter feed. Not only that but it turns your twitter feed into an awesome looking magazine. Another cool twitter feed feature is that your able to create your own twitter list within the app. You can also search twitter hash tags in Flipboard. Oh how us twitter users love using hash tags!
  2. Facebook Feed- Similar to Twitter you can subscribe to your Facebook feed. You’re able to customize the information you want to see down to just the images you are tagged in.
  3. Advertising-  If your a startup company or a corporation thats been around for ever Flipboard is a great way to build your own magazine by putting together information relevant to your industry with the option to add your own content. The only two things you have to do is Add Content, then Share It! Its as simple as that!
  4. Ease of use- Flipboard has an extremely simple user friendly interface. For those who love not only reading in style but the news you care about in real time Flipboard is the app for you.




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